Traviss Tool Box

For many of my early marathons it often seemed to be the case that I'd forgotten something, or couldn't find something, or somebody asked me for something, or I ran out of something... so I happened upon a big toolbox in Homebase I think it was one day with a nice clear lid so that you can see what is inside and the idea of a running tool box came to me! It's often commented on by folk and I thought I'd just share what I keep in my toolboxes... I have two now, one for marathons and one for the long ultras

Now all I do is make sure they're topped up once in a while and I never forget anything ever again, its all organised and I know where everything is!

Traviss Tool Box for Marathons

  • 1) Electrolyte sachets/tablets for dropping in to my regulation water bottle.
  • 2) Caffeine/Electrolytes (I keep a few S!Caps/Endurolytes for PB runs or if its super hot/humid)
  • 3) More Caffeine shots, small bottles of pills - Iron/HMB/Multi-Vitamins/Calcium/Creatine/Ibuprofen.
  • 4) Plasters, medical tape, more electrolytes, small pair of scissors.
  • 5) Hole punch (for race numbers on a running belt), Body Glide in both liquid and solid form, nail clippers, post race protein sachet.
  • 6) Little plastic bags for pills if taking any with me on a run, medical tape, muscle rub cream.
  • 7) Iron/HMB/Multi-Vitamins/Calcium/Creatine/Ibuprofen. Most importantly a bottle opener too!
  • 8) Clif Bars - usually have one pre-race with ibuprofen
  • 9) Lens cloth for glasses, safety pins, business cards
  • 10) Gels


Traviss Tool Box for Ultras

  • 1) S!Caps bottle, gel shots, luggage labels (for drop bags), indelible ink pen
  • 2) KT Tape (for feet), rubber gloves (for foot taping)
  • 3) Caffeine shots & pills
  • 4) Plasters, big and small, moleskin (for blisters). Wipes (for emergencies!)
  • 5) Headtorch batteries and spares.
  • 6) Medical tape, Kinesio Tex Gold Tape, Friar's Balsam/Tincture of Benzoin
  • 7) Clif Bars - usually have one pre-race with ibuprofen
  • 8) Body Glide, scissors, nail clippers, salt sticks, gel shots, ibuprofen
  • 9) Lip balm, little plastic bags for pills/electrolytes, safety pins.
  • 10) Foot wipes, peanuts

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