Peter Griffiths 100th Marathon Race Report

Marathon #295 - Peter Griffiths 100th at Bromely done! Bit of a wet, muddy cold one around the streets and tracks of Bromley, but really nice to see so many familiar faces and be part of Peters celebrations. Very nice custom "100th" medal too, now that's upped the ante at 100th marathon celebrations! Rolled around in 4:10 which I was happy enough with as was maybe 5 miles of muddy slippy stuff I tiptoed around trying to keep my feet dry, stopped for a few chats with folk and still finding my legs are utterly unable to run up any kind of incline at anything other than tardy geriatric snail pace! !


This weekend was a toss up between this marathon or Gran Canaria, as the rain started falling on Bromley I did mull if the correct choice had been made! Pete Griffiths though is a nice chap and it was nice to be there for his 100th marathon, 5 laps of Bromely on the "old" 100 Marathon AGM Marathon Route, scene of a marathon win for me (seriously was a handicap and I had hours head start!)


In order that people could finish at different times (hopefully to coincide with the cake cutting!) there were starts at 0800, 0900 and the main one at 1000. The idea that slower folk could go out earlier. Or those who paid attention to the weather forecast! I had seen the forecast predicting rain all day pretty much from about 1000 and knowing the course and the fact there would be a muddy mile, we got up early in the hope of getting a couple of hours in before the rain hit.

I soon discovered that despite a week doing nothing that my legs were still very dead indeed, and whilst the course was pretty flat it does have some inclines, and whilst I ran up them, they really were a great big struggle and effort. Mainly in the quads was the issue, just no life whatsoever in them. Down hills and flat were fine, just the upwards bits!

I rolled around the first couple of laps pretty much as quick as my legs would take me trying to get in as many miles as I could before it got wet, I was substantially slowed by the wet muddy bit though, as I tip toed around the puddles and mud trying to keep my feet dry. Rather annoyingly though on each lap, one time, I managed to get one or other foot wet! Wasn't impressed... No damage though, but wasn't my plan as feet already not in the best of shape after the long ones of late. Went through half way at 1:55 I think it was and did start to mess about after that really as knew sub 4:00 was never going to happen so at each lap took a couple of minutes to chat with folk at the aid stations.

Right on cue the rain fell just a bit after 1000 and I was glad to be not setting off then as the muddy bit was already getting worse and the last two laps it was horrible, to the point on the last lap I basically just walked and chatted with Carol-Ann as I caught her up then and she was taking things easy as her first one back from a lay off from injury. At least I managed to stay upright which was getting to be an achievement!

Was happy enough with 4:10 on that course, 45 minutes quicker than in 2012 when it was far less muddy.

Was disappointed that some runners left before the presentation, especially JUST before! But we enjoyed having a bit of a chat with some folk and catch up with whoever was there and the cake was yummy!

Things I Learnt

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